Welcome to Skillsfirst's Registration/certification Electronic Gateway (REG).

The REG gateway has been carefully designed with the needs of our customers in mind. REG provides instant access, in real time and acts as an information resource for centres to track progress and view their learner records. It is a secure online system for registration and certification, you can also view your centres details e.g. what qualifications are approved with Skillsfirst and the qualification status.

Important information: Learners should be registered with Skillsfirst as soon as possible after enrolment with the centre, this must be before assessments take place and prior to the final registration date (the last date on which an awarding organisation can register a learner for a qualification). Learners should also be certificated before the final certification end date (the last date on which a certificate may be issued by the awarding organisation).

If you would like a copy of our Guidance document to support you using the system, please contact customerservices@skillsfirst.co.uk